How to Work Together with App Owners in Big IT Projects

When we do big IT projects like moving to a new system, we need to work well with the people who own the apps we’re moving. I’ve seen some challenges in doing this, and I want to talk about them and how we can solve them.

Understanding App Owners

People who own apps really care about them. They know a lot about their apps and might be worried about moving them to a new place. We need to listen to their worries and work together with them.

Talking Clearly and Often

Good talking is very important. If we don’t talk clearly or enough, app owners might not understand what’s happening. This can make them not want to help. We should always talk openly and make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

Balancing New Stuff with Keeping Things Safe

App owners want to add new things to their apps but also keep them running well. When we move apps, we need to think about how it will change things and be careful not to cause problems.

Being Realistic and Ready for Changes

We need to be honest about how long things will take and what we can do. This helps app owners trust us. We also need to get them ready for the new ways they’ll work after the move.

Letting Them Help Make Decisions

If app owners help decide how we do things, they will be more interested in the project. They know a lot about their apps, so their ideas are very helpful.

Teaching Sessions

We can have special meetings to teach app owners about the new system. This helps them understand what’s changing and how to work with it.

Take Away

Working with app owners in big IT projects is about listening, talking clearly, and making decisions together. When we do this, we can make the project go well and keep everyone happy.

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