Install Puppet Master on Cent OS

  1. Install Centos in Virtual box

  1. Connect to the server using putty and add hostname in /etc/hosts file

3.Copy the downloaded puppet enterprise software to CentOS using winscp . Copy to /tmp folder

Stop the firewall service

Go to /tmp folder and run command

Tar –xvzf <puppet-enterprise-xxxx.tar.gz>

Go to puppet-enterprise folder and run puppet-enterprise-installer (command: ./puppet-enterprise-installer)

Select Guided Install

After a while it asks to continue installation through browser. Copy the link and open in browser

Open the link in browser

Click on’ Let’s get Started’

Select Monolithic deployment

Select ‘Install on this Server’

Provide FQDN,Alias

Select “Install postgresql on puppetdbhost..”

Provide admin password ( This is used for logging to PE Console)

Click Submit


Click Continue


Installation wizard will check the pre-requisites and show errors/warnings. ( you can ignore warnings)

Click Deploynow


After installation is complete select “Start using Puppet Enterprise”

Enter admin password ( this is the password we provided in previous steps)


You can see the puppet master in Inventory list

Inventory lists all the puppet nodes .