NSX Home Lab (3/6) – Logical Routing

1) Requirements

Create Two Logical Switches

2) Deploy Distributed Logical Router

  • Deploy DLR

  • Interfaces
    HA Interface – Connect to Management Portgroup
    Internal Interfaces – Connect internal interfaces to Logical switches
    Internal Interface IP – Gateway IP address for VMs connected to Logical switch

  • NSX will automatically deploy Control node VM

3) Test East-West traffic – Routing between Logical Switches

  • Connect VM1(web01) to Logical Switch 1

  • Connect VM2 (db01) to Logical Switch 2
  • Ping VM2 from VM1

  • Ping VM1 from VM2
  • Check trace flow between VMs

4) Create Transit Network – to connect DLR and ESG

  • Create Logical Switch

  • Add Interface in DLR to connect to transit network

5) Deploy Edge Services Gateway

  • Deploy NSX Edge

  • ESG Interfaces
    Internal Interface – Connect Transit network
    Uplink – Connect to dvPortgroup through which it can connect to physical networks

6) Create routes in DLR and ESG

  • In non-home lab environments this configuration requires lot of planning. I am trying to make it simple just to show how north-south traffic flows.
  • Default route in DLR

  • Add Static routes in ESG

7) Test North-South traffic. Physical network to Logical Networks

  • Connect VM1 (vmpn01) to physical network (VLAN)
  • Connect VM2 (web01) to Logical network (VXLAN5001)
  • Ping VM2 from VM1
  • Ping VM1 from VM2
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