What is VMWare NSX?

NSX is VMware’s Software defined network product.

  • Network Virtualization
    With Server Virtualization, an application running in a VM can be moved from one physical server to another. Applications can be replicated from Prod site to DR site. The same flexibility SDN provides for network devices. Your networks are not dependent on underlying physical network devices. Network Services (L2-L7) are provided by software and are distributed to hypervisors.














    SDN provides a way to programmatically create and manage networks. It does by separating the control pane and data plane.

    What happened to vCloud Network and Security (vCNS)?     vCNS is end of life and NSX is the way forward.

NSX Components

Management Plane – NSX Manager:
Provides Management UI: NSX Manager is the centralized management component of NSX. From day to day operations perspective, as vCenter is for ESX Servers, NSX manager is for NSX Services. This is where we create and configure switches, load balancers etc.
Provides REST API: Through APIs NSX services can be consumed by upstream applications and scripts. We can automate network operations and leverage for CI/CD pipeline
Controller Nodes: Deploys and configures NSX Controller cluster nodes
Prepares ESX Hosts : Installs user world agent (UWA) and VIBs to enable VXLAN , Distributed Firewall & Distributed Routing on ESX Servers
Edge Service Gateways: Responsible for deployment and configuration of ESGs
Control Plane – NSX Controller Cluster:
Control Plane: Establishes control plane between hosts
VXLAN Directory: Controller VXLAN directory manages three tables. MAC table, ARP table and VTEP table
NW Information : Distributes VXLAN and Logical router information to hosts/NSX vSwitches
No data plane traffic : No data plane traffic passes through controller
Data Plane – NSX vSwitch & NSX Edge & NSX vSwitch:
NSX vSwitch:

vDS plus plus : NSX vSwitch is vSphere Distributed switch (vDS) and additional Kernel modules (VIBs) installed on ESX host
VXLAN : Provides L2 overlay network services
Logical Router:
Distributed Firewall:
NSX Edge:
Layer3 Routing:
Physical network to Logical Network
Load Balancing

Find reference and Additional Information:

NSX 6.2 Functions
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