Integrate vRA and vRO

vRA integration with vRO is bi-directional




EBS / NSX Integration


Install vRA plugin in vRA


Add VRO Server as Endpoint in VRA


Run “Add a VRA Host” workflow in VRO


Run “Add an IaaS Host” workflow in VRO


Pre-requisite: Download vRealize Automation plugin for Orchestrator.

vRO needs vRealize Automation plugin to talk to vRA7. This can be downloaded from vmware website. I prefer this website to take me to correct url for VRO plugins

(vRO talks to any system like ( Active Directory , SQL , vCenter , REST Host ..) using plugins. Some plugins come by default. Non default plugins should be installed.)




Install vRA plugin


Open vRO Control center ( https://VRO IP :8283/vco-controlcenter) and select Manage Plugins


Browse the plugin (.vmoapp file) downloaded from vmware website and click Install. vRO wills show the list of plugins come with .vmoapp file , accept EULA and click Install




You can find “vRealize Automation Infrastructure” and “vRealize Automation” in Inventory tab in VRO.


Add vRO Server as endpoint

Login to VRA with user account having infra admin privileges and new Orchestrator endpoint

Provide vRO FQDN and address https://<vrofqdn>:8281/vco . Provide credentials having admin privileges on Orchestrator. Add Custom property VMware.vCenterOrchestrator.Priority and set value 1 and click OK



Run VRO Workflow “Add a VRA Host”

As discussed , vRO integration is bi-directional. We need to run two workflows to add vCACCAFE host and vCACIaaS Host.

Login to vRO and execute “Add a VRA Host” workflow in path : Library->vRealize Automation->Configuration


Provide Hostname and host url https://<vrafqdn> and click next

Select Shared Session provide tenant name and tenant admin credentials and click submit

You can see the tenant listed in VRO Inventory

Run “Add an IaaS Host” workflow

Execute “Add an IaaS Host” workflow in path : Library->vRealize Automation->Infrastructure Administration ->Configuration

Provide Iaas Host, url https://<iaas fqdn> , Yes to Automatically install SSL certificates and No to Use proxy

Click next

Select NTLM authentication type and provide domain user account with admin privileges on Iaas host click next

Provide domain name and click submit

Once workflow runs successfully you can see Iaas host in the inventory list

With this we have successfully integrated VRO with VRA.

I will write another post on extending machine workflow stubs to use VRO workflows

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