Deploy vRealize Orchestrator 7

Steps for Deploying vRealize Orchestrator



1 Deploy vrealize orchestrator appliance
2 Configure VRO
  Configure Authentication Provider
3 Connect to VRO Server
  Requirements Java
  VRO Client
  VRO Web Client

Deploy VRO Appliance

Connect to vCenter Server and deploy ova appliance

Configure vRealize Orchestrator

Connect to vRealize Orchestrator Control Center https://VROIP:8283/vco-controlcenter and provide root user account credentials when prompted

In Control Center , check whether VRO Services are running are not.

Configure Authentication Provider

Go to homepage and Select “Configure Authentication Provider”

VRO7 supports 4 authentication modes

  1. LDAP
  2. vRealize Automation
  3. vSphere
  4. SSO

Choose the one which is applicable to your environment. As my main goal for deploying orchestrator is to integrate with VRA I selected vRealse Automation.

Note: LDAP is deprecated in VRO7 and may not be available in future releases, so I recommend you to not select LDAP

Provide FQDN of VRA appliance and click Connect

Accept Certificate

Username : Administrator ( Don’t specify it as Administrator@vsphere.local)

Password :

For VRO we can provide VRA/vCenter license. If you want to use VRA7 license select the check box for “Configure Licenses”

Default tenant is vsphere.local

Click Register

Provide Admin group for VRO. These users will have admin privileges

Save Changes

Once configuration is saved we have to restart orchestrator services.

Go to Home and click Start up Options and restart VRO Services

Configure Licensing

Select Licensing in Home.

If you want to change license select license provider as “Manual” and provide the licese key


Click Certificates and import Certificates you trust

Validate Configuration

Validate the configuration. If you see green ticks , it means you did a good job J

Connect to VRO Server.

To connect orchestrator we need java on client machine.

One way of connecting is

Download client locally , Install client on machine and connect to VRO server

The other way is : Start orchestrator client using Java web start

(This is recommended if you have to connect to server through Citrix / Terminal Server)

Congratulations, you have successfully deployed VRO 7.

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