04 Configure VMWare VRA – Usecase , Requirements and Steps Overview


Company we are building VRA for : nxgcloud

# of Business Units :1 ( Engineering )

# of vCenters : 1 ( vc01 : Clusters -> Production , Development)

Requirement1 : Production VMs should be deployed in “production” cluster and Development VMs should be deployed in “development” cluster

Requirement2 : Hostnames : production windows -> prodw; production linux -> prodl; development windows -> devw ; development linux -> devl

Requirement3 : 3 projects use VRA ( alpha ,beta and gamma)

Alpha -> Production and Development

Beta -> Production and Development

Gamma -> Only Development

Requirement 4 :

Alpha and Gamma can use all the OS ( Windows 2008 R2 , Windows            2012 R2 and RHEL 6.5)

Beta ; can deploy RHEL6_5 & Windows 2012R2 In production ; deploy          RHEL6_5 in development


Before configuring VRA in home lab , create the below user and group accounts

Sno User Account Group Role in VRA
1 engAdmin01 engAdmins Tenant Admin
2 engAdmin02 engAdmins Tenant Admin
3 infraAdmin01 InfraAdmins Infrastructure Admin
4 infraAdmin02 InfraAdmins Infrastructure Admin
5 itProdAdmin01 ItProduction Fabric Admin
6 itProdAdmin02 ItProduction Fabric Admin
7 itDevAdmin01 ITDevelopment Fabric Admin
8 itDevAdmin02 ITDevelopment Fabric Admin
9 Infraarchitect n/a Infrastructure Architect
10 catalogadmin n/a Catalog Administrator
11 alphamanager01 projectalpha Business Group Manager
12 alphasupuser01 projectalpha Business Group Super User
13 alphaUser01 projectalpha Business Group User
14 alphaUser02 projectalpha Business Group User
15 betamanager01 projectbeta Business Group Manager
16 betasupuser01 projectbeta Business Group Super User
17 betaUser01 projectbeta Business Group User
18 betauser02 projectbeta Business Group User
19 gammamanager01 projectgamma Business Group Manager
20 gammasuperuser01 projectgamma Business Group Super User
21 gammaUser01 projectgamma Business Group User
22 gammaUser02 projectgamma Business Group User

Note : I know it is a big list , will share a batch file shortly

Steps Dashboard

VMWare vRealize Automation Configuraton :

Step# Name Tenant Login Account/Role Action
1 Create new tenant Default Administrator@vsphere.local a.Create new tenant (tenant1 – e.g. eng)
b.create two accounts in vsphere.local
c. add those accounts as tenant admin and infra admin
2 Integrate AD tenant1 (eng) engtenantadmin@vsphere.local a. Integrate Active Directory
3 Configure roles
– Tenant Admin
– Infrastructure Admin
Default Administrator@vsphere.local a.Add domain users as tenant admin and infra admin
4 Add Endpoint tenant1 (eng) infraadmin01@nxgcloud.local a.Add endpoint
5 Add Fabric Groups tenant1 (eng) infraadmin01@nxgcloud.local a. Add 2 fabric groups : production and development
6 Create
– Reservation policies
– Machine prefixes
– Network Profiles
tenant1 (eng) itprodadmin01@nxgcloud.loca
(Any user with fabric admin role)
a. Reservation policies ( “production” and “development”)
b. Machine prefixes (“prodw”,”prodl”,”devw”,”devl”)
c. Network profile (“192_168_0_series”)
7 Create business groups tenant1 (eng) engtenantadmin@vsphere.local a. business groups ( alpha , beta and gamma)
8 Create Reservations      
9 Configure roles
– Infrastructure Architect
– Catalog Admin
tenant1 (eng) engtenantadmin@vsphere.local a. Infrastructure Architect (infraarchitect@nxgcloud.local)
b.Catalog Admin (engcatalogadmin@nxgcloud.local)
10 Create Blueprints tenant1 (eng) infraarchitect@nxgcloud.local a. Windows 2008 R2 Prod
b. Windows 2008 R2 Dev
c. Windows 2012 R2 Prod
d. Windows 2008 R2 Dev
e. RHEL 6.5 Prod
f. RHEL 6.5 Dev
11 Create Services tenant1 (eng) engcatalogadmin@nxgcloud.local a. Windows VMs
b. Linux VMs
12 Add catalog items to Services tenant1 (eng) engcatalogadmin@nxgcloud.local a. Add all Windows blueprints to “Windows VMs”
b. Add all Linux blueprints to “Linux VMs”
13 Create Entitlements for alpha tenant1 (eng) alphamanager01@nxgcloud.local a. Entitle Windows VMS and Linux VMs to project alpha
14 Create Entitlements for beta tenant1 (eng) betamanager01@nxgcloud.local b. Entitle “Linux VMs” and “windows 2012 prod” to beta
15 Request VM tenant1 (eng) alphauser01@nxgcloud.local  
03 - VRA 7 Deployment - Minimal Environment
05 Create Tenant
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