14 – Create Blueprints

10.Create Blueprints




Login Account/Role


Create Blueprints

tenant1 (eng)



10.a login with infraarchitect user

10.b Design -> New


10.c General Tab:


    Provide Name , Archive Days , Lease and Click Ok




10.e Drag vSphere VM to Design Canvas


10.f General tab

    Provide ID , Reservation Policy , Machine Prefix and Click “Build Information”



10.g Provide

Blueprint type : Server

     Action : Clone

Provisioning Workflow : Clone Workflow

Clonefrom : Template in vCenter

Customization Spec : Guest Customization spec in vCenter

Click “Machine Resources”


10.h Machine resource : Provide minimum and maximum values

10.i Click Finish


10.j Publish Blueprint

10.k Follow the previous steps to create and publish other blueprints




13 – Configure Infrastructure Architect and Catalog Administrator Roles
15 – Create Services
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