12 Create Reservations

8. Create Reservations




Login Account/Role


Create Reservations

tenant1 (eng)

Fabric Admins



Alpha uses production and development .Beta uses production and development .Gamma uses only development.


8a. To create a reservation , we need to login with fabric admin of the cluster and create reservation


8b. Infrastructure -> Reservations -> New -> vSphere

8c. General tab: Provide Name, Business group , Reservation Policy and priority


8d. Resources Tab

Select “Compute resource” and provide resources for “memory” and “storage”

8e. Network tab

    Select “portgroup” and “network profile”


8f. Create reservation for business group “beta”

8g. Login with fabric admin for “development” cluster and create reservation for alpha,beta and gamma resources



11 Create Business groups
13 – Configure Infrastructure Architect and Catalog Administrator Roles
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