08 Add Endpoint to VRA


4. Add Enpoint (eng)

4.a Login to ‘eng’ tenant ; url: https://nxgvra.nxgcloud.local/vcac/org/eng as infra admin



4.b Infrastructure->endpoints->new

4.c New-> Virtual-> vSphere (vCener)




4.d Endpoint name should be same as mentioned while deploying VRA Iaas

Note: you can check the endpoint name in VRA IaaS VM


4.e Provide endpoint name

Provide Address ( https://vcentername/sdk)

Click … to add vcenter admin credentials

4.f Provide name, description

Userid with admin privileges in vcenter and password

Click green tick to save the data

Click Ok




Once endpoint is added VRA will discover hosts and clusters in vCenter Servers .Infrastructure -> Fabric Groups -> New -> you can see the compute resources



07 Add Tenant Admin and Infra Admin roles
09 Create Fabric Groups
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