06 Integrate Active Directory

Integrate Active Directory

Login to newly created tenant as tenant admin ( engtenantadmin)

https://VRAFQDN/vcac/org/tenant name ( https://nxgvra.nxgcloud.local/vcac/org/eng)



2.a Login to VRA tenant as tenant admin

2.b Administration->Directories Management-> Directories->Add Directories





2.c Provide Directory name ( nxgcloud.local)

Select “Active Directory over ldap”



2.d Server location:

If server pointing to domain has DNS Select “This Directory supports DNS Service Location”

Else Uncheck and provide DC Server Host




2.e Provide Base DN, Bind DN and and Bind DN password

Test connection before proceedint

2.f Click ‘Save & Next’

2.f Click next

2.g Click Next

2.h Click ‘+’ button and and DN from where AD groups should be synced

e.g. cn=users,dc=nxgcloud,dc=local



2.j Click ‘Find Groups’


2.k Check “Select All’ and click Next

2.l Specify user DNs ( cn=Users,dc=nxgcloud,dc=local)

Note: you don’t have to add individual user accounts. It will sync all the user accounts in DN specified.

and click next


2.m Review Settings and click “Sync Directory


05 Create Tenant
07 Add Tenant Admin and Infra Admin roles
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