05 Create Tenant

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05 Create Tenant




1.a Open vra : https://<VRA FQDN> ( https://nxgvra.nxgcloud.local)

1.b login with “Administrator” User account


1.c Administration-> Tenants-> New


1.d Provide tenant name (e.g. eng)

URL name (e.g. eng) . Tenant url will be https://vra fqdn/vcac/org/<tenant name> ( https://nxgvra.nxgcloud.local/vcac/org/eng)

Click submit and next


1.e Create two local accounts ; one for tenant admin and one for infra admin ( this is new in VRA7)




1.f Add ‘engtenantadmin’ as tenant administrator and ‘enginfraadmin’ as infra administrator


1.g Click Finish



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