02 – Deploy VRA appliance

  1. Deploy VRA appliance in vCenter ( you can use webclient/vsphere client)

    Right click on ESX /Cluster -> Select ‘Deploy OVF Template’

Select ‘Local file’ -> ‘Browse’

Note: if you get error like this try different browser ( I got error in chrome, firefox worked for me)

Select VRA 7 OVA file downloaded from VMWare

Click next

Review details

Accept the license agreement and click ‘next’

Provide name for VM ( I gave nxgvra) ->Select datacenter and click ‘next’

select disk type and click next

Select the valid portgroup ,IP protocol and click next

This is an important step

provide password for ‘root’ user account.

hostname ( nxgvra.nxgcloud.local) and network details (IP,G/w,DNS etc)

Review the details and click finish

Check the progress till you see the task completed

01 - VRA7 Installation Pre-requisites (home lab)
03 - VRA 7 Deployment - Minimal Environment

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